Friday, April 1, 2011

Its really time for a wake up call.

Throughout the centuries we have held strong to certain beliefs and principles that have guided us as a species. We have learned to change and adapt but often these changes have been lead by massive upheavals, protests and have been met by much fear and hatred. It is time for us to wake up and to stop the insanity that is surrounding us.

With all the attention brought to bullying in the past few months along with the economical strife and the pushes for things such as same sex marriage, we all live in this society of fear. Just today I received a survey call from the National Organization for Marriage. (because my state will be putting to vote same sex marriages). Here are the questions and answers:

Question one: Are you registered to vote in RI? -Yes

Question two: Do you believe marriage should be only between a man and a woman -No.

Question three are you over 50 years of age? -No

Followed by... Thank you.. good bye.

I could almost hear the breaking of the heart of the automated messenger and the screams of fear from those who sent him. I posted about the call on Facebook and then took some time to think about it. Why would anyone fight equal rights for all human beings? Would it make them any less who they were if the title of married couple was able to be applied to those couples who are of the same sex? Is the love of same sex partners not as strong or as good as those of opposing sex? I mean yes you can make the argument that same sex partners cannot procreate on their own without help etc. But really is procreation all that marriage is about? If so what about the married couples who never have children out of choice?

Why is it that people meet with change or things that they do not understand with fear? Why is it we fear people based on their race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs? Well that is easier to understand. We fear what we do not know or that which challenges our personal beliefs because we are afraid of changing what we believe in?

I mean I am a man married to a woman with a young son. Does it feel right and natural to me... Yes. Does it mean it would fit everyone and that it should fit everyone... no. Love should be shared regardless of your personal orientation and if its accepted that's a wonderful thing. Love unconditionally.

This is what I am asking. To all my friends, followers and to anyone else who reads this this is a wake up call. Take time. Face your fears. LEARN about the other people around you, their views, and their beliefs. Go to a Mosque and talk to a Muslim, go to a Synagogue and talk to a Rabbi, attend a Pagan pride day and ask the people what they believe, Go to a Gay Pride and take time to talk to the people there even chance getting to know some of them.

Take the time to do it! Take the time to understand the world around us. Take time to get to know other people. Put and end to the Fear.... Put an end to the hate. As it was so well by Yoda in The Phantom Menace "Fear leads to anger... Anger leads to hate... Hate leads to suffering." WE must end the fear, the anger and most of all the hate. Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is, if you can't love your fellow human beings at least do not hate them but be indifferent. This is all I ask.

Open your minds, and Open your hearts. They are the hardest locks to open but once open they can reveal the greatest treasures of all. If nothing else please think about it! And share this message with your friends.

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