Monday, November 30, 2009


My Book is now Available from Dreamz-Work Productions LLC in all formats!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The pre-holiday cleaning keeps going on around me. I'm still working on book two and watching my 2 year old but now we've moved downstairs so my wife can clean the upstairs before hosting our Yule dinner with family. It should be a hoot and I am looking forward to the house being all spotless and shiny again... with a 2 year old and working most of the time I barely get to see it in such a state. And we get to keep it that way for a week or so before the day comes... Yay! Should be an interesting venture and I always wonder if Freddy will comply with our wishes.

Though writing has been very fruitful lately with lots of work getting done. If my pace keeps up like this I should be done with my first draft by or before January first. We shall see.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And now we enter the holiday season with all its fun, family, and insanity.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well after a call from my publisher where all the formatting errors were laid out it looks like the format errors have been fixed. The new file has been submitted and things are looking good. We will know for sure in a couple days but now we know what the bugs were. It will be 122 pages. So not too shabby.


Well it looks like the book has had another setback or two with the formatting. Apparently they've changed the guidelines again. I am hopeful that they will get it fixed expeditiously, and will keep everyone posted as I can. Its getting a bit frustrating but hopefully it will be worth the wait for everyone. I am anxiously awaiting the official launch of "Under an Expanse of Oaks: A Druid's Journey" and I will keep working on non-fiction book number two which is rather relaxing to write and very fulfilling.

With any luck my "official" writing career will start off soon and with any luck people will like what I have written. The book seems to be getting shorter though as they wanted a smaller font size this time. Well we shall see. At least I know I like it as does the one reviewer that has read it.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Finding inspiration for writing I have found comes easier the more you do it. I find that the writing actually inspires me from time to time to write more and brings my ideas off into uncharted territory where it finds interesting bits of info to include. All in all its pretty fun and with the quotes I've chosen for my second non-fiction my sources of inspiration are vast. So far I've quoted the bible, Einstein, Anne Frank, and Mother Teresa. Each quote building upon the last as well as inspiring me to write what fits in that section.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dinner with a two year old can be fun. Luckily he is happy tonight. Then home to write more and relax...can we say vodka <Dave/Duir>

Friday, November 20, 2009

this morning

Early this morning we had torrential rains. At dawn the rain stopped and all was still, the sky in the east was a pink-purple hue... Just above it was a band of Bright peach leading into the grey clouds to the west... In the stark light of dawn just after the rain the fall colors were so rich it was like truly seeing them for the first time. They were more than colors they were what colors aspire to be.. deep reds, oranges, greens and browns. I had to stop and gaze at the wonder of it all before returning to my work day... then the rains returned until about noon now its clear and sunny.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yay SMS works

Though I can only do short posts with it, I am happy SMS posting is set up. This will be great for short messages when traveling or when my computer is not available to me... like at work. It should be a great way to add content to the blog etc. I am glad that now I can keep in touch at all times. Well with any luck sometime today or tomorrow I'll hear that the book is live and available and I will be able to fully launch it. Until then I will just keep working on book two and getting the contest ready to be all settled by the 30th.
Ok this is a test post. I've just added sms posting to the blog. It will be great for if I am traveling or unable to use my computer for some reason <Dave/Duir>

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It is my firm belief that we need to listen to the natural world around us. Not only does the Earth itself speak to us when we are quiet and open ourselves to her communications but also the divine whispers to us on the breeze. The divine does interact with us and help to guide us especially when we need it most but only if we listen. Deity likes to whisper the guiding words... Not that Deity can't scream at us... oh it can and does when necessary but usually it whispers.

By connecting with nature we can find ourselves, we can help rebuild what we have destroyed as a race. We need to look towards nature for the answers we seek. I firmly believe that nature has all the answers we need written in it, not in words but in its very existence. We need to look at how things were and how things will be.

We are learning we all know the chant... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... it is but a part of what we can do and we can all take many small steps to help our world to heal. We must do this, we must act. What will happen if we don't... who knows but I know one thing for sure... we will not be part of it. The Earth will go on and will heal itself, the question is if we will be allowed to stay to see it if we don't help to fix what we've damaged or destroyed.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things keep moving on

It finally looks like I'll see the light at the end of the tunnel with "Under an Expanse of Oaks, A Druid's Journey" as it looks like the cover art is fixed. Should know for sure if its totally accepted tonight or tomorrow. Also I keep working on book number 2 (the non-fiction) but I'm not going to tell anything about it until its either done or nearly done. So keep watching for little tidbits. I did finish researching the quotes I wanted for it and I may share some of them here and there over time. I've been thinking of adding a bit more and updating my cafepress shop ( and some other things. With any luck the book will be available by next week and finally everyone who's been wanting it will be able to get it, including the people who want to review it.

I keep working, writing, thinking and playing with my dear son trying to keep everone happy lol. We had quite a giggle tonight. I looked at him (he's 2) and said "your cute" to which he said "I know" lol. If it weren't true I'd call him conceded.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Work and Excitement

Work is going ok. Work on non-fiction book number two is moving forward greatly as I've finished researching all the quotes I wanted and needed for it. They should really help put the message home and give people something to think about. I'm very inspired today. I've still got quite a bit to do but it should start moving a bit faster, that is if the day job doesn't exhaust me beyond all recognition. Well each day we plug along more and more and try to get all the work we need to get done, and still spend enough time and love with my wife and son. Family and Nature are very important to me.

The Book Contest is winding down only 16 days to go. Best of luck to All who entered! The direct link is for anyone who still needs it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The work continues

Well each day I think of more things to do with the book. Being its my first book I am still really excited about it and want to learn how to promote it as much as possible. I am also hoping people like it and read it being its a short read. Each day I also work my mundane day job distributing things, as well as raising my son. Gotta keep working day in and day out on my multiple jobs. At last count I have 4 full time and 1 part time job.

Full Time Jobs:
Book Promoter

Part Time:
Professor at the Grey School of Wizardry Online (though some weeks I do put full time hours in)

It keeps me busy and out of trouble, but also makes me look forward to vacations.

I've also been recently asked to speak about Druidry to an Alternative Spirituality Meet-up Group... to which I said yes. As I see it I love the subject and more public speaking practice couldn't hurt and might just help my awkwardness and stage fright.... though I do tend to do better in circles I know are open minded. Only other time I am good in public is ritual because in that mind set well.. I am perfectly comfortable.

Until it all comes together I'll still be working hard at promoting myself and my work, working on my two additional books and hoping for the best.

Guess thats all for today... Hope the blog has been at least somewhat interesting and entertaining to those who read it. I do try to update it every couple of days and occasionally everyday. Until we meet again I will leave you with but one more word.... FRIBBLE!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interesting times indeed

Well today I managed to get my Bookmarks fixed and in process at the printers. I also found out that they are closing in on finally fixing the cover art for my book so the paperback will be available very soon. I will definitely be happy when that comes out.

Also a friend of mine who helped me design said cover George Rix is currently protesting the consumption of Shark Fin Soup by the Chinese and I am fully supportive if his tongue-in-cheek method of propaganda against it while bringing this extremely important issue to light. Here is a link to his blog check it out!

I am happy that Freddy is growing like a weed and so is his vocabulary. Hopefully everything will happen for me soon and hopefully George will be very successful in this protest!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last night and today

Well beyond being a bit behind on my nanowrimo goals which I will catch up with it if at all possible. Last night I had the honor of being part of a young man's coming of age ceremony. It was well done and preceded by quite a lovely hike through a wondrous wooded area which left my out of shape ass a bit ragged at the end but worth it for sure. We slept in the hay loft of a barn and though it was a little cold and the damned rooster wanted to crow at odd times I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt honored to be included in such a ceremony.

Today its rest and recouperation from last night and the lack of sleep and extra exercise. This does show me I definitely need to get into better shape lol.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wishing I were far away for some reason

Today my thoughts have flitted from my writing to the places I've visited around the world especially the sacred sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall. I've been wishing I was back there, meditating at St. Nectan's Glen, drinking of the Chalice Well, and looking off the top of Glastonbury Tor over the landscape. Oh to be there. I can connect to the Earth anywhere in the world but those places are oh so special to me and my practice of Druidry. If I could only get there again.. I am sure I will but it seems at least a year or more off... Until then I will dream of it along with writing, working and playing with my son. Time will fly I am sure and so will I one day back to the places I love.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Well today was my birthday and all went well. Only small snafu was my wife having to go to the ER with a stomach bug but she is doing much better now. Had a great day with my son Freddy and didn't have much work today. All in all a great day topped off with a nice meal at a local Japanese restaurant. We had an absolute blast! Another Year Older, another year a touch wiser, and a few more gray hairs, but we continue on.. I'll keep enjoying it until I run out of birthdays. Each year I make another one its a blessing and another year I've followed the turn of the wheel and learned the lessons set forth by this world.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Offically Nuts

Yes I am now officially nuts. I am currently working on two further books. One is a fiction story that's been in my head quite a while for NANOWRIMO ( and the other is a non-fiction with a broader audience than my first book on Druidry. I guess I have been bit by the writing bug afterall. Wonder how far I will get with the both of them... who knows they could both end up being published in the future and perhaps one actually be a best seller that would be great! Well I can dream can't I? lol. We'll see though and I will definitely keep anyone reading this posted as time goes on.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween... The Aftermath

Well once Freddy got a hang of trick or treating he could not be stopped and lead us all over my parent's neighborhood. In the end he had one LARGE bag of candy and a tired look in his eyes. We headed home after a night of successful hunting and he went to bed. I celebrated the season a bit then went to bed myself. It was quite a nice night.

With the nice weather we had along with Freddy's excitement it was fun all around. Each day just passes into the next. But to those who follow the celtic calendar... HAPPY NEW YEAR! It should be fun indeed.

I am looking forward to much of what is coming including my upcoming birthday in just 2 days... is it really that soon?? Guess so. Should be good though. Another year older, another year wiser, and another year closer to senility lol.