Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Open your Eyes, Open your Ears, Open your Minds, Open your Hearts!

We stand on the edge of light and darkness, of enlightenment and extinction. We are facing a time globally where change and acceptance are being called for from all over the world. We are facing a time where we are finally seeing the harm that bullying can do, and seeing what a profound effect we have on our own environment. We stand at a glorious yet tenuous time for the human species. We are delicately treading the balance between our rising to glorious stages of enlightenment or the complete annihilation of ourselves as a species.

We must start by opening our eyes and ears to that which is going on around us. We must strive to hear the notes sung out by nature and the cries of pain that accompany many of those notes. We must strive to preserve the species, plants, and environment on which we depend for survival and we must learn to interact with it. We have become very separate from the natural world and in our separation we have become blind and deaf to much of the pain and destruction which we have unleashed upon the planet we call home. We must take the time to see what we have done, and see what we can do to help nature to heal so that we can continue on for many ages to come. Technology and communication have grown in leaps and bounds and have helped us become more connected to one another than we have been, but at the same time it has come to separate us from our fellow human beings and nature itself by sitting us in front of screens.

We must learn to once again interact with nature and with our fellow human beings. We must learn to be more open and accepting and close the gaps that we have created over the last hundred years or so. We need to listen to the song of creation that sings its eternal tune around us and listen to the heartbeats of our fellow humans so that we can be connected for we are all connected in many ways. We can learn from one another and from nature and we must open ourselves in order to do this. We can do this as long as we are willing to be accepting and understanding of our fellow human beings, and of the power and majesty of nature.

We must learn to look to the past and beyond into the future and see what our actions as a whole have brought and what they can bring. We must think of our children, our children's children and all future generations. Do we want them to feel inadequate or hated or do we want them to feel confident and loved? Do we want them to be facing their destruction or facing the healing of the Planet? Do we wish to be full of hated or of love?

We must learn to open our minds and our hearts both to ourselves and to the world around us. We must learn to listen with our whole beings, for it is through this that we will find ourselves strong on the path to enlightenment. We can grow as beings both intellectually and spiritually if we are willing to embrace the technology we have and also embrace the natural world around us and all it can still teach us. Together if we strive to do so we can make this world a better place and help it to heal but we must be willing to give of ourselves to do so.

Will you accept this challenge? I know I plan to try to.

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