Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trying to find a Happy Medium

With all the work, Facebook, Twitter, Cafepress, art, blogging, podcasting, writing, publishing and everything else it gets a bit daunting. As an author my goal of course is to sell some books but that seems to be going very slowly indeed. My goal working with my publisher is to try and find some more authors and queries. My other goals are to write interesting posts and blogs so people will actually enjoy interacting with me. The key is really trying to find the happy medium while trying to promote myself and sites and causes I like. Honestly it can be difficult knowing how often you should send out links on Facebook and Twitter without losing friends and followers.

On Facebook and Twitter I do like to think about the people who have been willing to follow me and accept my friendship. To me they are not just words on the screen but the real people behind those words. I definitely am trying not to over advertise or seem like all I care about is selling stuff. That is far from the truth. I am working at finding this happy medium where I can get some books sold, make some great friends and contacts and we all can learn from one another.

I am hoping that there are some people out there at least who enjoy my content in all these wonderful places but in all honesty I get very little feedback. Every podcast I host lists the e-mail and asks for feedback, input, and guest suggestions but never gets a response. On Facebook I get some feedback from people who like posts and links, but from what I have seen if interaction isn't constant and settings aren't changed I am actually invisible to some of my friends and they to me, which is sad in my opinion.

Its not that I am looking for fame or fortune, just wonder if all the work I am doing is actually getting across to anyone or if anyone is actually learning anything from the Podcasts and posts. Well with luck some time I'll find out. I enjoy the interaction and will keep it up, just would be good to know if I was even reaching one person.

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