Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lots of work and loving it

Well I'm currently working on many projects plus my day job. This of course is keeping me quite busy but I am loving every moment of it. As you can see in previous posts I've also been trying to spread the word about the Dreams Awake Movie and of course all the stuff from Oaklight Publishing.

Today I updated my official webpage at which is also the home of the Awen's Path Podcast and fixed the feed for the podcast because it wasn't showing up on iTunes because there was an error, all fixed now. Who knew one out of place w would screw up an rss feed? I guess I do now. But all in all things are going well and I am happy to be doing it all.

I've added a page to my website which tells about the fact that I am seeking contributors for an anthology about music. Musicians, Music Therapists and such are being sought to contribute, contact info can be found on the page.

I am striving to keep updating the blog a couple of times a week with what is going on and what is important to me, I hope all you readers enjoy.

Until Next time. Be well.

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