Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amazed by Avatar!

Tonight I went to see Avatar with my wife. Not only did we see this wonderful film but we went for the really big show and went to see it in IMAX 3D. After getting over the first physical reactions to the motion and heights (not a big heights guy) it was absolutely mind blowing.

In IMAX 3D it really is like you are right there and its larger than life. The storyline of the movie was amazing and I absolutely encourage anyone with a spiritual bone in their body to see it, as well as anyone who likes a great sci-fi/fantasy. I won't give anything major away but the effects were breathtaking especially in 3D. I am definitely buying a copy when its released on DVD. The storyline is great and I truly love the messages it puts out. It definitely fits in with many of my ways of thinking.

Well I do encourage everyone to check this out. If anyone knows me I'm not really at a lack of words, I may be brief from time to time in my writing but I am usually very verbal. When We got out of the film all I could really say to my wife was "WOW". And I still feel that wow feeling today. It was a wonderful trip full of emotion, action and a really great storyline... wait I think I said that a few times.. oh well GREAT STORYLINE!

Well that's it for now but it was great!


  1. I am with you... when I walked out of the theater I was at a loss for words. I was speechless... It was a very cool movie with what I felt was an awesome morale.

  2. WoW! You are really enjoying the movie! :)