Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well its a nice lazy Sunday here and I plan to spend most of the day doing some research and thinking about new topics to write about. Don't forget to see the last post regarding my first blog only contest. I'm having fun coming up with new and interesting stuff for the blog. I am also looking for a couple new automated features in order to make things around here more interesting.

You may have noticed if your not new to the blog that my URL has changed to as a friend of mine convinced me that it looked better if it had a custom URL and I had to agree. I really do enjoy writing these blogs and sharing my feelings and the status of my writing with you all.

The cover art of my second book is well under way and once its all done I will be announcing the title of the book and showing it off. Edits are still under way in the first step of a 2 step process. Some may know and others not that my first book is now coming out in its second edition already sometime next week due to some grammar gremlins that squeezed by the proofreader and we've don our best to fix it quick. This time I am looking to use an editor with an sterling reputation and keep the errors to an absolute minimum. We all know things can slip through from time to time but far too much slipped through the cracks the last time.

Well I truly hope I can keep this blog nice, light and interesting for all of you who read it. I enjoy writing it with all my being and I hope to continue on for many years to come.

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