Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Status

Happy New Year everyone! As we enter this New Year I am working on the first edits of my second book which I personally believe is far superior to the first and definitely is aimed at a much wider audience. I will be revealing the title and the blurb written for the back cover once the cover art is finished and the final edits are underway, hopefully in just a couple of weeks.
I want to wish anyone who reads this an extremely Happy and Prosperous New Year filled with joy and love. I hope that everyone is well and though my posts are short I hope you all find them at the very least informative.
So far we have had a wonderful New Year and my 2 year old son even made it to midnight to see in the New Year for the first time. He marched proudly around our living room shouting "NEW YEAR, NEW YEAR" when he heard us shout Happy New Year. It was a marvelous experience. Today is also my sixth wedding anniversary and I am so grateful for the loving wife and son I have on this first day of 2010.

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