Monday, January 11, 2010

Guided Meditations Instructions

Hello all I do plan to add some Guided Meditations to this site so I wanted to add a few basic instructions here for those new to using them when written by another and not spoken.

In order to get the most out of a guided meditation it should really be guided by a voice so either a friend who will read to you or recording it to listen to while practicing it is always great. You may also wish to add music to the background but it should be rather laid back, relaxing and have no lyrics its really there for ambiance and to help you relax and reach that meditative state.

You should remember that your speaker, or yourself if your recording should speak slowly. Don't rush things and if it calls for a pause or a time to think leave some blank space in the recording or just pause if your speaker is live. These are really just some tips you'll find over time what works best for you. Also remember that guided meditations do take a little while some can last over an hour so be sure you have the time before beginning, its never fun to have to end one early.

Of course you could always memorize the meditation and go through it in your head if you are good at memorizing things. Just remember to go with what works for you. If the particular meditation doesn't interest you don't do it, if you find one you really like and want to repeat go ahead and do that.

Some of the meditations will be written specifically for this blog and others may come from one of the books I have written as they both have some different meditations in them. I may adapt them for the wider audience of the blog if they are more specifically aimed. I hope you enjoy them and that in some way any that resonate with you help you along your personal journey.m

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