Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New Blog stuff

Well as 2010 starts I'm planning some new features to this blog such as the quote of the week, where I will pick a famous quote most likely related to nature or spirituality and post them once a week. Some of these quotes will be found in my new book (I should be officially announcing the title and blurb from the back of the book cover). Also shortly after my new book's trailer will be available as well.

With any luck my posts will become a bit more verbose as and entertaining. I'm trying to evolve my art for the new year and keep up with writing. Who knows, perhaps I'll have a book three on the way before we know it. A lot of work to do these days and trying to promote books definitely starts to take time, research, and quite a bit of thinking, investment and legwork. Hopefully these posts will start to really come together and after the new book comes out I should hopefully be able to come up with some other features relating to it as well as the quote of the week.

Every day many thoughts go through my head especially about my "day job" and of course how to promote my books so that I can hopefully quit my "day job" eventually and become a full time author. I really do enjoy the writing and feel the surges of inspiration which come along with it. Its quite an exciting and emotional catharsis getting my ideas out on the screen and then into print. My whole life I've dreamed of writing and others enjoying my writing. I truly hope that even one person, other than myself, will like my work, because then it truly is worth it.

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