Friday, November 13, 2009

The work continues

Well each day I think of more things to do with the book. Being its my first book I am still really excited about it and want to learn how to promote it as much as possible. I am also hoping people like it and read it being its a short read. Each day I also work my mundane day job distributing things, as well as raising my son. Gotta keep working day in and day out on my multiple jobs. At last count I have 4 full time and 1 part time job.

Full Time Jobs:
Book Promoter

Part Time:
Professor at the Grey School of Wizardry Online (though some weeks I do put full time hours in)

It keeps me busy and out of trouble, but also makes me look forward to vacations.

I've also been recently asked to speak about Druidry to an Alternative Spirituality Meet-up Group... to which I said yes. As I see it I love the subject and more public speaking practice couldn't hurt and might just help my awkwardness and stage fright.... though I do tend to do better in circles I know are open minded. Only other time I am good in public is ritual because in that mind set well.. I am perfectly comfortable.

Until it all comes together I'll still be working hard at promoting myself and my work, working on my two additional books and hoping for the best.

Guess thats all for today... Hope the blog has been at least somewhat interesting and entertaining to those who read it. I do try to update it every couple of days and occasionally everyday. Until we meet again I will leave you with but one more word.... FRIBBLE!

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