Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interesting times indeed

Well today I managed to get my Bookmarks fixed and in process at the printers. I also found out that they are closing in on finally fixing the cover art for my book so the paperback will be available very soon. I will definitely be happy when that comes out.

Also a friend of mine who helped me design said cover George Rix is currently protesting the consumption of Shark Fin Soup by the Chinese and I am fully supportive if his tongue-in-cheek method of propaganda against it while bringing this extremely important issue to light. Here is a link to his blog http://sharkfinsouptheyellowperil.blogspot.com/ check it out!

I am happy that Freddy is growing like a weed and so is his vocabulary. Hopefully everything will happen for me soon and hopefully George will be very successful in this protest!

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