Monday, August 23, 2010

Three year olds and tie dye don't mix

Somehow my three year old got into a tie dye kit my wife bought. Of course he found the black dye and got it all over his hands and feet. Well after 30 mins of scrubbing and a few tricks from a couple of blogs I have managed to get 99% of it off. Most of what was missed is under the nails and will come out in time. Lesson 1: If your wife buys a tie dye kit and you have small children... Make sure she hides it well. Lesson 2: Never underestimate the power of a three year old to find the messiest thing possible and apply it to his or her body. Lesson 3: Be constantly vigilant with a three year old even when writing and you have no idea that there is a tie dye kit in the normally safe living room. Lesson 4: Note the power of magic eraser in removing said tie die safely remembering to rinse well. Final lesson: when life throws these curve balls try to take it in stride and learn to laugh... Just remember all the crap you got into when you were a kid and realize... Hey I'm still alive.

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