Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interesting Day

Been an interesting day around here. We started with my son (2yrs old) locking himself in the downstairs bathroom and my needing to play action hero and break in the door. Well there is more bills to pay out so I hope the new book does really well lol. Within a week or so I'll need to pay for a new door and this time a lock that can be sprung from the outside.

We then went out to play with his cousin and had one heck of a time. He had a great day indeed. I've come to find that i need a bit more time for my writing as well so I can keep it all going. Writing, Promotion, fatherhood and a day job definitely keeps one extremely busy. Its been fun and keeps being that way so other than the occasional being tired I really get a lot done.

Life is an interesting journey that keeps you always on your toes, as do two year old children.

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