Sunday, February 28, 2010

Changing Lifestyles

As my spiritual development has grown, I've gone through many changes in life, and I've noticed that I've really never been in shape. I've decided that it is important for me to start eating better and working on getting in shape so I can go further with my spiritual development. I've noticed over the years the connection that is forged within ourselves between our minds, bodies and spirits.

By working towards my physical well-being it can only lead me to greater mental and spiritual well-being. I am also debating some work with Yoga and Tai Chi. That decision has yet to be made and we will see where it leads. Joining me on my journey is my lovely wife Christen who has consented to changing her diet and exercise as well so that we can grow healthier together. I am truly looking forward to this as I believe it will help me further my spiritual development and lead me to new discoveries.

I've ordered a couple of cookbooks and started looking for some beginner classes in my area for Tai Chi and Yoga. I know for sure I can at least return to nature walks and hikes for exercise once the winter weather breaks over the next few weeks. I am greatly looking forward to that because walking always gives me more energy and makes me feel better. Time to work on my body so that my mind can flourish and my spirit soar!

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