Friday, February 4, 2011

Vacation January 2011 to present

Well I've been home for just about a week from vacation so its time for me to give my little tell all. Firstly, I will say that all images were taken by me, and all opinions here are strictly my own and have not been influenced by any personal gain whatsoever. This will contain all the good and bad about my trip and some of the bits in between. There will be pictures of some things including my son. I hope you enjoy.

This year on vacation we went to Universal Studios in Florida and stayed at the Nickelodeon Suites Hotel. I loved the hotel and it could have been a vacation unto itself for someone with smaller children. The first day had the worst part of the vacation and therefor has the worst picture (though taken a couple days later). That evening I was playing with my son chasing him around the room and broke my little toe on my luggage (its ok to laugh my wife did for 20 mins).
Here's the foot:

Note the bruising across the other 3 toes. Quite fun. Lol. Ok now for the good bits.

The Nickelodeon suites hotel was great, very friendly staff and fun characters to have breakfast with (additional charge) or take photos with(scheduled throughout the day). My son was excited to meet all of his favorite Nickelodeon Cartoon stars such as Spongebob, Dora, Diego, Ang, and many more. He has such a wonderful time there and it was brilliant. Downside... The shuttles to universal did not have the best schedule especially if one wanted to visit Seaworld (we did not go there but it was insane short schedule) though from what the drivers said the times were dictated by universal with their partner hotels not the hotels themselves. All in all I loved the Hotel and would definitely stay there again, though our next planned trip to Florida we will most likely be spending it at Disney.

Ok so now onto Universal. We went to Universal Studios and Universal Studios Islands of adventure. We had a great time with many of the shows and rides. Freddy had a ball and even got to meet Spiderman (Boy he loved that). It was fun all around and of course we got their early one day and spent most of our time at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. See pictures below. It was absolutely fun and we enjoyed every moment even the line to get into Olivanders. It was by far the most popular attraction due to its newness and the butterbeer (Frozen and cold) and the Hogshead microbrewed ale was great as well at the Three Broomsticks. Best recommendation is to go as off season as possible and go to the Harry Potter bit either as early as possible or near the end of the day to avoid the crowds. Its really enjoyable. We all had a blast, and all the other areas and attractions were great too... we must have rode on the Cat in the Hat ride over a dozen times Fred loved it so much.

Well due to the vacation there was no Awen's Path Podcast last week and as I have been busy and could not line up a guest for this week it will most likely be me chatting and I am sure I will touch on the vacation and the good time I've had. Also over this last week I have been working hard as my publisher is now accepting queries for more info on that if you are looking for a publisher check out .

Well that's all for now hope you liked the pictures and such and I will post again soon.

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