Thursday, December 2, 2010

This week and Beyond

Been a great though busy week as stated in my previous post. This week I've had the chance to interview Raven Digitalis for this Sunday's (12-5-2010) Podcast and that went absolutely awesome with some great conversation. Working today on other guests as well as ideas for the show etc.

Along with the work on the Podcast I've been working on some writing as well as with some other stuff on the publishing and marketing sides of our other books. Today Trinity of Wisdom by Mark Knight went live on iBooks and is now available for iBooks in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Austrailia. Its just great knowing that all this is happening these days with my publisher, Mark's Book is great and I am still so excited that Rosa's book Taking 1960 got picked to be shelved at Barnes and Noble. If you don't see it at your local store but want it please feel free to request it, I know they plan on starting with a store or stores local to Rosa.

My day job goes on as it does and I keep enjoying the time with my friends and family. Its going to be a great holiday season I can see that now. With luck I'll have some more writing out there in one form or another sooner or later. Lots of work with Kindle, Nook and iBooks. It should be a wonderful time as the year ticks on. I am so enjoying life these days with the Podcast and writing and my wonderful three year old. I am so looking forward to all the great guests we're going to have coming on the show even if I am not sure who are going to be yet. So far its been a great learning experience and I am hopeful that others find it this way while listening. If this contest goes as well as it seems I will most likely be holding more perhaps future ones with other prizes from guests or sponsors of the contests but who knows.

Spirituality and life keep me going and I enjoy it all the time. The wheel of the year keeps turning round and I can't wait to see what it will bring with its turning. Learning from other's views on spirituality has been quite nice indeed and I really am finding it to be a great source of inspiration in my life. Hoping to get some feedback on the podcast some time.

Well until next time....

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