Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wake Up Celebrity Author Update

Greetings friends,

To those of you who have not voted yet in the Wake Up Celebrity Author competition and may we are now entering the last two weeks of the competition. It ends July 31. To those who have voted thanks. The link to my book in the contest is:

Currently I am 186 votes behind the person who is currently in the lead. She has 345 and I have 159, over these next two weeks every single vote counts and I would greatly appreciate it if you could please vote for the book. Also please feel free to invite your friends to this event and/or share the link with them and encourage them to vote, every vote counts and though I am currently in second place it is possible to catch up and even over take the leader in the next two weeks.

Also my book's trailer has been entered into the New Covey Trailer awards (entry #26) and you can also vote for that in their poll. The link to their site is:

Again thank you all for your help and your time. I appreciate you all.

Yours Under the Trees,
Rev. David P. Smith (Duir) /|\

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