Sunday, May 2, 2010

IMPORTANT PRIVACY INFO you may want to know

ATTENTION EVERYONE---There's a site called and it's an online phone book that has pictures that you have posted on facebook, home phone number, credit score, profession, home value, income , # of children, profession, age, Remove yourself by the Privacy button on the bottom right on their website. I checked it out and just removed my listing. SHARE THIS!!! CUT, PASTE AND REPOST (this was cut and pasted from facebook)

I did check out the site. It had general phone book information along with astrological sign, an age estimate and other info for free and offered credit reports, wealth estimates and much more if you paid for their service and it is not overly cost prohibitive. As the post says you can remove yourself.. I have though you must find yourself first if you exist there. (though I will say they were generous with their estimate of my house value and if anyone wants to pay it (low estimate was 3 times the value and high was 4... I'll take it!

I understand we live in this information age but we need to keep some things private.

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